Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase, your business will  benefit by being able to use the equipment straight away, the payments can be spread over the life of the equipment.  At the end of the term title of the equipment will be passed on for a nominal fee. (Option to purchase fee)  Vat is paid at the outset, and 100% of the net cost (excluding vat) can be funded.

Finance Lease

Finance Leasing is a tax efficient way for your business to acquire the equipment it needs without using your cash reserves.  The asset is not owned at the end of the primary period, you can sell the equipment at the end of the term and the net sale proceeds are retained by you, or you can continue to use it subject to a minimal secondary rental each year.  Vat is payable on the payments.  Depending upon the asset type and term, you may be able to offset the rental payments against your taxable profit.

Operating Lease

An Operating Lease lets your business benefit from fixed costs and predicted annual use.  The equipment remains the property of the Lessor and will need to be returned at the end of the lease term.

Sale & HP/Sale and Lease back

This option enables you to convert a recent purchase (within 90 days of the original purchase from a bona fide supplier) to a finance agreement which releases cash back into your business.  The finance company would purchase your asset at an agreed value, and finance it back to you over a fixed period.  The lease back option can be written on either a Finance Lease or a Hire Purchase agreement.

Private Sale

This agreement facilitates a sale where the supplier is not an equipment dealer.  For example, this could be a local farmer to farmer sale.  The seller will need to provide evidence of clear title to the asset and invoice accordingly.

Contract Hire

Contract Hire is a type of lease agreement with a maintenance schedule attached to it.  It can provide a solution for businesses that want to concentrate on their core business activities, whilst avoiding the financial risk and administrative burden of owning and maintaining any vehicles or equipment that they use.


Business Loans offer solutions to companies wanting to expand their business by investing in new or used equipment, the majority of the finance agreements that we offer are secured on the equipment detailed in the transaction.  However, not every investment can be directly linked to a piece of machinery or equipment.  As a consequence, and in specific cases we can propose a Business loan to support your business’ investment plans.  In some instances the Business Loan will need to be supported by additional security.  Examples of where a Business Loan may be suitable include, dairy cows/replacements/buildings/sheds/building improvements and software funding and development.


What can we finance?

We work with a panel of specialist funders ensuring that we can find the best solution for your funding requirements for:


Agricultural equipment

Agricultural Buildings

Dairy Cows

Excavators and Construction equipment

Food and Drink production and distribution equipment

Lorries, Vans, Cars

Fixed Plant and Machinery


Renewable energy, Biomass boilers and Wind Turbines, Sand Separators

Forestry equipment

Grounds Care